The following DB6NT modification is contributed by Dave Galwson, WA6CGR. Dave has performed several of these modifications, and all units modified have shown the same results. Thanks Dave for the information.

  • Add a new SMA female chassis connector as shown in photo above.
  • Solder a a 5.1 pF ATC size "B" capacitor from the center pin to one side of the 2556 MHz coil closest to the chassis.
  • Cut the Vcc trace as shown in the photo above to disable the internal crystal oscillator and multipliers.
  • The input power level from the JWM Engineering 5112 MHz PLL unit should be in the range of +3 to + 7 dBm. Usually an Attenuator between 5 to 9 dB will be required to reduce the power level.

    Updated - June 21, 2008 While this modification shows the original Model 5112 unit being used, this modification also applies to the Model 2556-ALN unit. The only difference is the amount of attenuation required to adjust the RF power output before driving the DB6NT Transverter. With the required drive being between +3 to +7 dBm for the Transverter, the required attenuation will be between 10 to 15 dB of attenuation.

    No retuning is required.