Who We Are

JWM Engineering Group is backed by over 40 years of electronics design experience in many disciplines that include Radio Frequency, Microwave RF, Analog, and Digital design work. Our company President, Jerry Mulchin, is a licensed Amateur Radio operator under the Extra Class call sign N7EME. He is also an active member of the San Bernardino Microwave Society, SBMS, the nations oldest active Amateur Microwave group founded in 1955, and a IEEE organization member.

After serving in the military, where he graduated with Honors in Microwave Communications from the US Army Signal School at Fort Monmouth, Jerry went to work for Hughes Aircraft Company and completed their Advanced Technical Education program. His other past employers include Aertech Electronics, Micromega, Cartwright Engineering, Power Hybrids, Tarbell Electronics, Intercontinental Micro Systems, Amkly Systems, Transitional Technologies, Inc., AST Research, and Cisco Systems.

Jerry's design experience includes; Low Noise Amplifiers, Isolators/Circulators, narrow and wide band VCO's, Redundant RF switching systems, Single Board computer systems, Multi-User computer systems, Networking/Fileservers, System BIOS software, Tape Backup software, PCI Software, Linux software programming, Embedded Programming, "C" Language coding and Microprocessor based designs.

Having been an Amateur Radio operator since 1965, Jerry has witnessed many changes in the field of Amateur Radio. Today's Amateur Radio operator is much more sophisticated and expects the finest in performance, specifications, and quality in their equipment. JWM Engineering Group is dedicated to delivering this level of product at an affordable price for Amateur Microwave operators. Our products are backed with the same warranties ordinarily afforded to industrial organizations.

JWM Engineering Group will also perform Consulting work for those companies that do not have the required in-house expertise to develop a product. With Jerry's Program Management skills, a product will be designed on schedule, under budget and to your exact specifications. Contact us to discuss your design requirements and goals.