RDA-6A / RDA-8A Reference Distribution Amplifier

The RDA-6A is a six (6) channel Reference Distribution Amplifier designed for distributing an external reference frequency standard, such as a Stanford Research PRS-10 Rubidium reference or a Trimble Thunderbolt GPS disciplined oscillator, to laboratory equipment such as frequency counters, spectrum analyzers or signal generators. This allows all of your laboratory equipment to be stabilized to one reference frequency. The RDA-8A is identical to the RDA-6A with the addition of two (2) 5 MHz reference output ports on the rear of the unit.

The RDA-6A provides high isolation between output channels and high isolation between any output channel and the input channel This prevents one piece of test equipment from disturbing another which is a typical problem using resistive power splitters to distribute a reference frequency.

The output level is typically +10dBm with a +10dBm input channel level. This meets the required driving level of most test equipment. Each channels output level can be adjusted over a 58dB range from +13 to -45dBm, allowing independent level settings for each channel if needed. The 5 MHz reference outputs on the RDA-8A are not adjustable and are set for an output level of approximatly +10dBm at the factory.

Each Reference Amplifier is powered from a wall mounted 12VDC power supply and the unit is always powered ON as there is no power switch to get turned off accidently. A front panel green LED indicates the power on condition of the unit.

  • 12 Vdc power supply included
  • 1Mhz to 60MHz bandwidth (-3dB BW)
  • Output to Input Isolation > 60 dB @ 10MHz
  • Output to Output Isolation > 60 dB @ 10MHz
  • Harmonic Distortion is <= 1.2% at 10MHz outputs, <= 0.35% at 5MHz outputs
  • Low Residual Phase Noise at 10MHz ( Residual Phase Noise Plot )
  • +10 dBm RF output typical (reference level equals +10dBm input)
  • Each output level is adjustable from +13dBm to -45dBm, except for RDA-8A 5MHz ports
  • Operating Temperature Range -20 Deg C to +60 Deg C
  • Small size - 6-5/8" wide x 6-1/2" deep x 1-3/8" high
  • Full 1 Year limited warranty
  • RDA-6A Price is $342.95 (plus shipping & processing)
  • RDA-8A Price is $402.95 (plus shipping & processing)
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Link to ->On-line RDA-6A Manual

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