Model SEQ-QSK Microprocessor Controlled High Speed Sequencer

The Model SEQ-QSK High Speed Transmit/Receive Sequencer is a second generation microprocessor controlled sequencer with its origins from the SEQ-1 microwave sequencer product line. A one second Heartbeat is used to give a visual indication that the SEQ-QSK is functioning properly, and four green LED's give a visual indication of the sequenced step operations. Delay times for the sequencers steps is programmable, even while in circuit.

Today's Amateur operator likes the ability of fast break-in operation during contest operation, as well as during normal everyday operation. The SEQ-QSK provides this ability by allowing very high speed sequenced switching of both the Tranceiver and high power amplifier. Full VOX break-in and CW break-in operation are fast with no missed syllables, dots or dashes. Programmable delay times from 32 milliseconds to as little as 1 millisecond per step may be selected to match relays in your system.

  • 13.8 Vdc @ 50ma typical (no switched output active)
  • 35 Vdc @ 600 millamperes open collector switching capability, Four outputs total
  • Enable High or Enable Low input to activate sequencer
  • Visual states displayed on 4 Green State LED's
  • 1 second Yellow Heartbeat indicator
  • Programmable delay times from 1 msec to 32 msec (default is 15 msec)
  • Operating Temperature Range 0 Deg C to +70 Deg C
  • Can be mounted behind a front panel, dimensions provided for mounting using 1/2" spacers
  • Full 1 Year limited warranty

On-line Model SEQ-QSK Manual